Are Raleigh NC Homes For Sale Way Overpriced?

This year, more than ever perhaps, there have been prognostications of a massive housing crash. Well, a downturn in the housing market may very well be possible and even one with traumatic results for unwitting buyers and speculators, The level of government and financial controls will avert a 1929 style collapse even if that term is ultimately popularized in the next downturn which will inevitably happen as predictably as decade cycles of solar flare and sunspot activity.

Just like sunspots and flares, the impact of a housing market downturn will be regional. Areas where speculation and rampant unbridled enthusiasm have been the rule of the day will see the worst impact of a downturn. On the other hand, there are markets where prices have been modest and steady in their increase. Another factor is the overall economic health of any given real estate market. Here is where the Raleigh real estate market will foster a positive environment for Raleigh homes for sale in the long term with markedly less impact of market downturns or even crisis scenarios.

A little black spot in real estate markets


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